David & Charles; Linda Perina; Rosella Guerra; Giuseppe Ferlegna / The Kite Making Handbook
Author David & Charles; Linda Perina; Rosella Guerra; Giuseppe Ferlegna
Title The Kite Making Handbook
Publisher David & Charles Publishers
Publish Date 03/2004
ISBN 0715318551
Binding Paperback
Synopsis The Kite Making Handbook is an ideal first time buy for anyone interested in kites. It gives a concise insight into the kite flying world spanning the legend and history of kite flying in ancient China to ward off evil spirits to the modern day international kite-flying festivals and competitions.   With over 400 illustrations this book is packed with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make a whole range of kites including the materials and techniques needed to create the simplest of flat and box kites to the more complicated fighting and acrobatic flying models with names such as Box Delta, Nagasaki Hata and the Peter Powell.    Once built, flying the kite is the next challenge and here the Italian authors have useful tips for getting the kite off the ground and dealing with varying wind conditions to avoid untimely landings.    The various chapters are interspersed with anecdotes and factual gems on kites, making this book an enjoyable read as well as an informative hobby kite-makers guide.
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