Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig / Making & Flying Stunt Kites & One-Liners
Author Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig
Title Making & Flying Stunt Kites & One-Liners
Publisher Sterling Pub Co Inc
Publish Date 10/1995
ISBN 9780806908700
Binding Hardcover
Synopsis Imagine the excitement of watching something you've built climbing towards the sky, and the thrill of controlling your creation as it swoops, sails, and soars through the air. Anyone can learn to construct and fly bold, electrifying, and super stunt kites. Full-color diagrams help you make a skyful of amazing flyers, including some with flowing tails, domed wings, box structure, and other features. Learn how to choose the right colors and materials for a kite, launch and land it, and more.    80 pages (all in color), 8 1/4 x 10 1/4.
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